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STX Strut
STX Strut

Before ordering these shock absorbers, it is necessary to contact the managers by email or phone!
For delivery terms and color choice.

STX Struts features:

- Dual-pressurized chambers that provide for unmatched body roll stability in fast turns and on off-camber side hills. Set them to mid-stroke ride height and you can still control body roll without pushing off.
- Specially designed compression damping valve that rushes oil back into the main cylinder 60 percent faster
- 3-stage, velocity-sensitive compression damping that changes your soft ride to firm compression damping as the speed of the piston shaft increases.
- Adjustable nitrogen gas pressures make the struts tunable, so you can choose a firm ride or loose articulation.
- 2-inch piston
- Compact design fits into tight spaces and makes many additional pieces of hardware unnecessary.
- Velocity-sensitive, 7-position externally adjustable rebound damping.
- Internal hydraulic bump stop on compression stroke.
- Hydraulic end-of-stroke cushioning at full extension.
- Cooling fins to dissipate heat and boost performance.
- Lightweight, high-strength construction, featuring billet 6061 aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel.
- Hard chrome steel cylinder and a tough 1¾-inch piston shaft.
- Teflon-lined spherical bearings for ½-inch and 5/8-inch mounting bolts.
- High-pressure 5,000-psi seals for extreme off-road use.
- Operating temperature range from -65° F to +285° F (-54° C to +140° C).
- Corrosion-resistant anodize outer coatings, ensuring years of performance.

Misalignment spacers are included!

Manufacturer: ORI Struts

Manufacturer code: STX